Seven ways Enfuny cares for children.

1. English anytime

We have foreign and bilingual resident staff present everyday at Enfuny to ensure permanent English communication in a funny environment for every child under our care.
Under the Japanese education system, English is only introduced when the children reach fifth grade elementary school. In Enfuny, children can experience not only English, but the whole language learning process in its natural environment, through a very entertaining and intuitive approach. Thus, children learning English early at Enfuny become natural speakers who won’t be repelled by grammar or pronunciation in their future studies.

2. A walk in the park everyday

Located in Ginza, Enfuny is in the center of an attractive neighborhood where you can feel the changing atmosphere of the seasons while going for a walk. We like to offer children the enriching experience of a walk in the park for them to enjoy ever changing nature, play together and build a healthy body, while guaranteeing them optimal safety all the time. With that in mind, we try to go for a walk every day when the weather allows it.

3. Everyone is a specialist

When leaving your children in Enfuny, you are sure to leave them in good care. Of course, everyone here is a specialist qualified in education and childcare. But there is more to teaching children than just that. Our teachers are talented specialists with experience and passion for what they do, and most importantly, they love children. Please come and meet them!

4. Adventure in everything

Children spend a lot of time everyday in a nursery. At Enfuny, we believe that children should be provided with a living environment, full of entertaining games and activities so that every day is a new excitement. Through playing with words and numbers, dancing and singing, discovering nature and different cultures, we want them to experience a lot of new adventures all year long.

5. Comfort and safety everywhere

We aim at making sure that we always provide a perfectly clean and secure environment for our children. We take great care of the classroom, clothes, toys, cooking ingredients, and everything for children to feel comfortable in a clean and safe environment. 
We are always looking for improvement regarding children’s wellbeing, and gladly welcome ideas from the parents.

6. Order made to Mommy

At Enfuny, we strive to offer services and courses for every situation, order made to meet each Mommy’s needs.
We continue to develop our nursery with great interest for Mommies and Daddies’ opinions and concerns.

7. Always comfortable

We know what it’s like to be a working mom – Our Enchou is in that case after all! Therefore, supporting working mommies worried about their child’s well being is among our top priorities 
We want every child joining us at Enfuny to grow up in a friendly and enjoyable place.